Back to School, Work or University

Whether you’ll be heading back to school, work or university after the summer break, go back in style with one of these practical and stylish bags designed by Lisa.  Either the 'Too Cool for School' Satchel or 'The Organised Office Bag'.

What you'll need:

'Too Cool for School' Satchel
A Bag for All Reasons
2 Rectangle Rings (1")
1 Rectangle Slider (1")
1m Woven 700
Lisa suggests the following as alternatives:
2 med Press Tongue instead of a metal side release buckle
50cm Peltex 71F and some Bondaweb (or similar) instead of extra stiff double-sided fusible interfacing

The Organised Office Bag
The Bag Making Bible
2 Rectangle Twist Locks
2 D Rings (as wide as your strap)
2 Rectangle Rings (as wide as your strap)
1 Rectangle Slider (as wide as your strap)
1m Med Loft 640
1m Woven 700
50cm Decovil
1 Zipper